HTCC: Hindu temple & Cultural centre

Almost well over a decade ago, there were some very interesting people that got together and came up with the grand idea to build a Hindu temple in Canberra. The notion behind the idea of building this temple was to establish a common ground for the community to worship and have cultural activities. Thanks to the hard work of those dedicated, interesting people, the Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre (HTCC) was up and running in 1987 and in 1988 the association was incorporated. From since then, the association managed to attract a huge membership.

The tasks that are at the top of the HTCC priority list of what to build includes a Hindu Temple, a library, and a cultural centre. The concept behind the project of building these structures developed after discussion and considerably consultation. Apart from that, when this big, unique idea is completed, it will provide everything that is needed to handle the needs of all residents of the ACT. It will become a very important element on the itinerary of all of the tourists and worshipers to the Nation’s capital. The overall objective of the HTCC is to promote the teachings, culture and the philosophy of Hinduism.


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